I’ve found that there is a lack of communication these days. Granted, I’m only 21 so I can’t recall too far back, but it just seems like for the past 10 years or so people are less likely to provide a consistent line of communication with you. You talk to somebody, and then they suddenly drop of the face of the earth. This applies to both personal and business relations. I’ve contacted people, talked to them for a bit, and then shortly afterward they just disappear without warning. It leaves you wondering if you turned them away by saying something they didn’t like, if they just decided that you don’t have enough in common to be friends or pen pals. It’d be nice to be told why communication has ceased before they silence starts, you know? There are situations that could prevent a person from telling you why they’ve stopped corresponding with you, such as losing Internet access, being forced to sell their computer because of financial troubles, or at worst they’ve died. I’d say that the vast majority of the time it’s simply that they’ve lost interest and couldn’t be bothered with telling you before leaving you behind.

I’ve had people contact me about buying something that I posted on Craigslist, tell me they’re going to come buy and pick it up, and I end up waiting all day for nothing. Fine, you changed your mind and don’t want to buy it anymore, but would it really be so hard to email me or call me and tell me that? I could have been doing something else with my time instead of waiting around for nothing. How do you know that I didn’t delay or cancel another activity so I can be at home waiting for you? It’s very irresponsible and inconsiderate.

This behavior is surely related to the general attitude of the throw-away culture we’ve become immersed in. People buy gadgets and throw them away as soon as the next best thing comes out, people buy animals from pet stores and then abandon them shortly afterward because they weren’t prepared for the responsibility involved with having a pet, people stuff their elders into “retirement homes” because they don’t want to take care of somebody who’s slowing dying, hop from one clothing, social or entertainment fad to the next…many other examples could be made.

Young people in today’s world have an immense sense of entitlement to everything, they don’t seem to understand the concepts of personal responsibility and often times have very little respect for others. They act as if the world owes them something, as if their very existence entitles them to special treatment. They open lines of credit and buy themselves into debt with a bunch of frivolous purchases, act like partying and getting drunk off their asses or high on are the only important things in life and generally act like lost children trying to make sense of life through extreme stimulation of the senses.

Maybe I’m just and cranky old man stuck in a 21-Year old body, but I find myself disgusted at the way a lot of people act these days. Most people do not fit my idea of what an adult should act like, and often times don’t even fit my idea of what a child should act like. Hell, I’ve met kids more mature than a lot of the adults I’ve met over the past couple of years.

I’m going to have to put an abrupt stop to this as the rant has kind of lost its steam. Mostly because I started writing it roughly a month ago and never finished it. I should have finished it when I was first intoxicated with rageahol, as trying to finish it now makes for a lackluster and slightly disjointed rant. Ah well, I figured I should try to patch on a finish and post it anyway, so here it is.