Super Crate Box is an action-platformer taking place on small stages where your objective is to collect crates which contain random weapon pickups while avoiding being killed by enemies spawning in from the top of the map and working their way down to the bottom. Once they reach the bottom they fall into a fire pit and will respawn back at the top, colored red and in a faster moving “angry” state. You collect the crates and avoid/kill the enemies for as long as you can and along the way you’ll unlock new characters and weapons once you hit various crate total goals.

There isn’t a lot of content contained in the small download, but what’s there is a fun distraction for as long as you can retain interest in the pursuit of a high score. The game uploads your scores to an online leaderboard for those of you who are competitive enough to care. Worth checking out at the very least and maybe worth keeping around for those times when you need something to do for a few minutes.

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