Nitronic Rush

Nitronic Rush is an “experimental survival driving game” with neon-soaked visuals reminiscent of Tron and gameplay heavily inspired by San Francisco RUSH 2049. It’s made by students of the DigiPen Institute of Technology, which is the very same school that the developers of Narbacular Drop (the progenitor of Portal) and Tag: The Power of Paint (the source of Portal 2’s gel mechanics) attended before landing gigs at Valve Software.

Inside the modestly sized download you’ll find a total of 30 stages spread across story, hardcore, challenge and stunt modes as well as a selection of older unpolished maps from earlier in the games development.

Stealth Bastard

This little game from Curve Studios (developers of Fluidity and Explodemon) is a challenging and humorous take on stealth gameplay. Stealth Bastard challenges you to sneak your way past various obstacles as fast as you can. There are 28-levels made by the team at Curve included as well as 215 user-created levels available for download as of this writing.

So why is a studio that has previously created two commercial products releasing something for free? Well, the game serves as a platform for some harmless data collection in regards to how people play it. You get to play a pretty cool game for free and they get some market research—seems like a fair deal to me. If you really like the game you can donate whatever you fill like giving them on the official SB page, although they’d probably prefer you go buy a copy of Explodemon or Fluidity instead.