While I was born in the 80’s, it was too late for me to be a child of that decade—not that I’m lamenting that fact, mind you. Despite appreciating its weird obsession with dystopian futures (which I figure was influenced by a global recession, the cold war, and cocaine) I consider the 80’s largely awful; it’s synonymous with bad hair, bad clothes, and bad synths. How odd it is, then, that I’ve found myself developing a liking to some music which aims to emulate the sound of the 80’s.

If what I’ve embedded below strikes your fancy here are a few good places to discover more of this nonsense: LuigiDonatelloNewRetroWave, and Maniac Synth.

Final DJs – Moonlight Serenade


Kristine – Modern Love (Power Glove Remix)


Perturbator – Welcome to Nocturne City


Dance With The Dead – Battle