Today’s theme is electronic music with what I guess you’d call a “dark” or “moody” sound. This post only exists because I’m bored and doing this is more productive than staring at my ceiling fan, so I can’t be arsed to write a proper intro—deal with it.


Lulu Rouge

Note: This second video isn’t particularly cheerful and contains some potentially disturbing imagery.

Also: Landscape of Love, Smoke Through Fire, You Say I’m Crazy, and their SoundCloud page.


Paris XY



Also: Sega Sunset, Void I & II, Batty’s Theme (Note: one very short NSFW clip of breasts in the video), One for Barta, Farr, Ghosst(s).


Tympanik Audio

Several tracks from a label I recently stumbled upon that has some good stuff under its belt.

Also: “Medeway” and their page on the labels website.


Also: Atiq & EnK on Tympanik Audio.


Also: Stendeck’s Official Website.


Also: Anklebiter on Tympanik Audio.