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Got bored and tested out Blender’s new “Cycles” renderer. I was just messing around with reflections, depth of field, and a super basic material node setup for the wood floor.

Direct lighting, 128 samples, camera aperture set to 0.14, 8-blade bokeh.

Full global illumination, 512 samples, camera aperture set to 0.14, 8-blade bokeh

The basic node setup I used for the wood floor.

Fiddling Aboot

Got bored and turned some knobs and dials in Blender3D a little while ago. The end result was this.

Fiddling Aboot

Nice balls you've got there.

The graffiti texture was taken from a free texture repository, although I’ve already forgotten which one. Materials on the three balls and lighting were done in blender by my own uneducated keyboard slapping. Small contrast adjustment made in GIMP after rendering.

Well, it seems that my plan is not working as intended. I’ve done little work since my initial semi-enthusiastic work journal entry.

Sewer Project - A New Beginning 3

The latest exercise in futility

This is the current state of the scene. I’m still not happy with the base geometry of the sewer and I’ll probably end up redoing it again, but I figured I’d post this just to get it out there. That’s all I’ve done with the scene since my first post, so I suppose that’s really all I have to say about the project right now.

In addition to occasionally writing articles that get read by no one I also do some even more sporadic Blender hobby work. I’ll start up a project, do a small amount of work on it and then eventually stuff it into a 7-Zip file, never to be seriously worked on again. Sometimes I’ll go on a self-loathing trip because of my lack of any sort of productivity; I then proceed to delude myself into thinking I’m doing something productive. When this happens I often delve into the dark recesses of my hard drive and extract one of my old, unfinished Blender projects. I work on them for an hour, ultimately making no progress and then delete them.

Not this time, damn it! Or at least, that’s the plan. Whether or not I follow through is yet to be seen, but I figure that if I chronicle my adventures in amateur 3D modeling I’ll be more likely to actually finish a project for once. For this attempt at productivity I’ve dug up an old Sewer project I was working on, which is sadly one of the most complete projects in my archive next to a Bathroom I worked on quite a while before I started making the sewer. At any rate, the Sewer is what I’ve decided to try and revive.

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